100% of GO  NUTS   are
grown in the tropical rainforest
on the Big Island, Hawai'i


Our macadamia nuts are harvested hand picked to bring you the finest quality. 


They're washed clean while in shell and then allowed to dry at room temp for

24 hours and cracked out at  14% moisture. 




GO  NUTS  uses a unique shell cracker they invented
and patented. It cracks the wet shell (but not the nut meat) through vibration at 1
4% moisture. 
The nut that's extracted is fresher because it has not been heated and dried in shell for
9 days which destroys the natural flavor.



So what gave us the idea we could produce a macadamia nut that 
tasted fresher and better than all the others?


Well, we found a way 
to crack the rock-hard shell without
smashing the kernel and without
heating the shell which alters the
natural flavor of the fresh nut meat inside.


Taste Fresher Because They're Cracked Fresher.

GO  NUTS  flavor is extraordinary because the nut you're eating is actually fresher than any macadamia you have ever eaten in the past.


The bottom line is that GO  NUTS
macadamia nut shells are cracked
fresh without tampering with the nut
meat inside.

Nobody has ever had access to
a macadamia nut this fresh!

Because of the difficulty in cracking,
processors have had to heat the shell
surrounding the treasured macadamia 
 nut itself,  making it brittle and shrinking
the meat inside.  It's brown and smooth--as
shown above and requires 300 pounds
of pressure to crack.

So you can see why we got excited
when one of our clever owners,
Bill, invented a machine, called the Starcracker.


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patented No  5,721,002 Click here



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